# 25 HOT Trending Products With Facebook Ads ||| SECRET TOOL

Get Lesson From Trending Products !

Why are you looking for trending products?

Reason is ……

Product Is The King!

Trending products or hot selling products are the best and easy way to make money from drop shipping or in e-commerce.You might be a beginner or a person who is running a successful drop shipping store , but you must to understand what does trending mean?

If product are selling well and they have viral engagements, it would simply  mean that the product is trending or else you can say audience / customers like the product or the product has a high demand.


If you can analyze the market and find the most trending products and best selling product online, it can save lot of money on testing  as well as it saves a lot of your time. On the other hand, testing product can give so much stress when you see product are are failing.

Here are my top 25 trending products. Hope it will help you to identify  trending products. I want you to notice that those products are not funny or fake items.They are extremely useful in day to day life and add value to the life.

Do not test colorful fancy items. Look for some useful yet attractive products. Thats the key to success in drop shipping and e-commerce.

at the time you read this article some of the product data might be changed.But observe the product data including Facebook ads and targeting.

To find this products I used my own methods and received help from product research tool ultimate version.

1-Cat water Fountain

trending products

Pet niche is a trending niche.Specially on cat and dogs.But when you find a  trending item, it will indeed bring some good sales to your store.

This is one of the trending products in cat niche.This has good sales on Amazon,e bay and also on Shopify stores as well.Not only that Facebook ads have good engagement by shares and comments but also pet niche worth 30Billion dollars and 70 million Americans are passionate with pets.Latest data shows 57% of adults have  pets and 32% has a cat. On average, a cat owner spends 265$ anually only for various equipments for cats.

This water fountain helps cats to drink water in a fun filled play mannar.I will show you the audience response for the product.

You can analyze the Facebook engagements of the ad and amount of positive feedback that is received by the audience .

trending products


Here are two Facebook targeting suggestion for promoting this product.

trending products


trending products


Find some ad copies, videos  and quality product description related to this product.That can make good boost your  sales.


2-3D cat winter outdoor mask (Fresh Trending Products)

This is a Pexda Ultimate Product

If you are looking for a product to sell in cat niche,this is the hot selling product . in last 14Hours this item has sold more than 4000pcs with maximum Facebook engagement. Pexda ultimate members can access most trending and fresh products with all the advertising materials ,such as ad copy video, images and Facebook targeting suggestions.

This mask selling price is 19.95$ with net profit 10.57$.Here is pexda data about the product.


Its top selling products on amazon,ebay and Shopify store.  Here is the sales record I found from pexda.And it shows where most of the sales are happening and the device.

In one day, Facebook ads gained 604 shares,575 comments,82 reactions and 562 likes.


This Facebook ad contains a short video about the product.You can get 03  ready made sales videos pertaining to  this product on Pexda ultimate.

Here is the Pexda Sample Video.


I suggest you to use atleast one video for Facebook ads and one more video in your landing page. It will bring more attraction to your customers who are interested on the product. Also add a nice product description addressing all the cat lovers.

Here are few  Pexda suggestions for Facebook targeting .



If you are struggling with product research and wanting to improve the business I can recommend you pexda ultimate tool.It will make your life much easyier.Also you will get fresh trending products with important reports and support.



3-Anti Bark Device (Top Selling Products)

trending products

This is related to dog niche.One of the best selling product which brings an important  solution to the audience for one of their major issue.

This is an ultra sound gadget  which reduces dogs bark and train the dog.This product is a best selling item on Amazon,e bay and shopify.

Dog Niche is a huge market same as cat. And most of the  marketers are trying to enter it but its saturated.However ,  with the correct product you can dominate the market.

So far the product has sold more than 24000 items with huge social media engagment. You can visit this store and analyze their product page.


Analyze the Facebook ad engagment.Ypu can see how the audience responds to the Facebook ad.

trending products

Do your research on finding this kind of products which can solve an issue in your audience? You can make sales with trending products and establish your authority by connecting your audience by solving their issues by products and caring about them.

Market research means Listen to your audience and solve their issues.

4- Vacuum Brush

trending products

This product data access is only for pexda ultimate members only.But I will share the most important data of this product with you.

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12 Trending products 2018 Are Relieved By Secret Tool (Untouched Niches)

Trending Products 2018 and How To Find Them?

The product is the king!

You might have seen the above quote many times. That is the secret of the business. Same as the failure of the business.

You might have a strong marketing plan, great funnel, Huge budget etc…But if you are trying to sell the crappy product to the customers, then you are in a wrong position.

When it comes to dropshipping, finding trending items to sell is a real task. It can take weeks or months to find that winning product. But when you find the winning product your best time will rise and it will pay off your hard time.

How to find the winning product?

It’s a common question that I am getting every day and most of the newbies are stuck with this. The easiest way of finding product trends is to find what is having good sales already and duplicate it in your store.

However,  you cannot make money out even top trending products if you don’t have a good understanding about how to find the target market, advertising method, etc… (especially if you don’t know how to do facebook targeting)

How To Find popular products to sell online On Facebook

Following is one of the easiest ways by which you can find product ideas to sell online on facebook.

Go to facebook search bar and type the product that you are looking for. Let’s say ‘turtle necklace’. Then you will see all the Facebook ads related to turtle necklaces.

Go through them and check on the post likes, comments, and shares. If you find any post which has many engagements, is a winning product. And go to comment section and read the audience comments. If you can see comments as “I love it”, “I need it” How can I buy” that means, the product has more potential to go viral.

Also if the ad has a good number of engagements, the product makes a good profit. In order to get more engagements on an ad, must run that ad for few days. No one will run ads for a long time if it doesn’t make any sales. Hope you get the idea.

Only by looking at facebook ads you cannot guess the exact audience and that the tricky part. That’s the main reason why most of the newbie’s leave the business with a loss.

Finding top trending products 2018 By Tool

Pexda is an amazing tool and it provides a complete product research solution. This tool will help you to find all hot selling products including the product description, image, facebook ad target, winning product store and many more…

I highly recommend this as it can be the best tool for newbie’s to find the trending product and get an idea about facebook targets.

I have signed up for Pexda   and I use this tool for my clients stores as well. It has some pros and cons which I would like to share with you.

Trending products 2018 Searched By Pexda

The main feature of Pexda is to find the ongoing trending products to the user. It gives regular updates on new products trends. Also, they are releasing promising and untouched niche markets to their premium members and those products have more potential to bring more sales. And most of these products are genuine products and not everyone can find in Ali express.


Every product in Pexda shows, number of orders, time period of sales and Facebook engagement stats. I really appreciate the Facebook engagement stats which gives a solid idea of how the product gets responses for facebook ads. It shows the number of likes, shares, and comments.


trending products 2018

trending products 2018

trending products 2018

trending products 2018

trending products 2018

trending products 2018


Product Description

I have noticed most of the newbies just import the same Ali express product description to their sales pages. That Is Totally WRONG. The product description should go with the sales pitch that customer cant leaves the site without buying the item.
Pexda products have a very nice and short product description that you can warm up the customer for the purchase.

Supplier stats

Next feature that Pexda offers is supplier’s details with the product links. This is an important detail and it helps you to find the best seller. Follow the positive feedback and visit the supplier product page through the link. I highly recommend you to read the customer feedback to get some information on the trending product. If you see more negative feedback, do not deal with that seller and look for a better one. If you deal with the wrong seller, he can put you in a very bad condition. Sending Damaged products, wrong products, no response, no tracking etc…

Who is selling Best Selling Products

This is a nice feature. It shows in which platform the product is being on sale. Is it Amazon, e bay or any other store. If the product is selling well on any store you can visit that same site and spy on that store as well.

Facebook targeting

This shows the product sales on Facebook. How facebook ads are targeted on a particular product. Some of the products show different Facebook ads targeting options. I suggest you to try to use that targeting option using few ad sets in your targeting countries. After one day, analyze the data and close the failing ad sets and let winners run. I have tested their ad targeting options and got successful results with them. But if you have any better targeting strategies you can use them.




This is the feature which analyzes the profits including the cost per action on Facebook. But it depends on how much profits you need. Even the actual CPA can be different from what this tool shows. But you can have an idea about the market price, product cost etc… It’s good to have this feature as a guideline before you plan any  product promotions


Overall it’s a great product research tool that anyone can use for a cheaper cost. Most of the other tools out there are more expensive than Pexda and also they have lesser options. This tool can be used by any drop shipper and not only Shopify owners.

Here are some of pros and cons after using Pexda for months

  • Latest winning product update
  • Super target Facebook ad targeting.
  • 14 Day trial period only for 1.95$
  • Supplier Stats with links
  • Winning and trending product details with time duration of sales.
  • Suggested selling price and CPA


  • Short Product Description
  • Fresh winning product can open only for full membership
  • Only Ali express suppliers available
  • Provides only Facebook as a marketing option


My suggestion is to take a trial version before you leave the page. It can bring a great value to your drop shipping business. By experience, it cut down my product research time by 75%. For beginners, this can be a great tool until they master the game.

You Can Sign up for Pexda  Free Trial Here.

Find The Trending products 2018 and Happy Selling Guys !



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26 ways free images for commercial use without watermark (High Quality)

Are You looking for free images for commercial use without watermark?

High-quality Images are the most important factor in your online store.Images are talking to the customer and describe the product.

But if you use images with copyright that can lead you lots of issues even it can lead your site to shut down.

Let’s see how can we find free images for commercial use without watermark.

Google has whatever image you want, But you need to filter them properly and get the copyright free images as below.

free images for commercial use without watermark



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Traffic Studio Review With Facebook Case Study (Vial Traffic)




Traffic Studio

After using this traffic management software for more than a month I would like to do a Traffic studio review. This software helps us to find viral content on the internet and allow us to post in our campaigns and social media profiles.

I am not an internet marketing guru and I have no idea about coding, HTML, and all other internet related codings.But I would say that this software is super easy is to run and you don’t need to have any tech skills.Viral marketing makes easy with this platform.

I have also contacted their support team twice to test their service and their response was extremely quick.

Also, I joined their private group with more than 900 members in there. For any issues related to product, guidance or extra support, you can contact them via this group. Moreover, you can share your ideas with the software owners and developers in this group.

What I have observed is, over the month they conducted webinars and educate the users by introducing new options and viral marketing strategies. Users are really happy and appreciate it.

I would personally say that traffic studio team has a great service related to the product.


Traffic Studio

In this traffic studio review, I would like to show my personal results which I gained with traffic studio software.


There are many ways to make money. I am a Shopify drop shipping store owner. I have a niche store and 90% of my customers hang out with Facebook. Basically, my main target was to bring down my facebook ad cost and increase the page likes.I knew  Viral marketing was the best solution for it.

Earlier I used Buzzsumo trials to catch viral trends and build my strategies. Since Buzzsumo is an expensive tool, I moved to Traffic studio with lots of option with less price.

I created a brand new facebook page with traffic studio software. Here is my result.

Traffic Studio


While I was testing the software I made above results. Software generated me 433-page likes and 454 followers automatically. And post engagements were massive. The only mistake  I did here was (due to the arrangement of my e-commerce campaigns), I didn’t analyze the data and I didn’t post every day. If I would have focused more on data and post at least 3 times per day I would have earned better results than this.

The best thing with above result is, it is 100% organic and I didn’t pay anything for them.

Look at more data :

Traffic Studio


Above snap is shot from 7th Oct to 10th Nov. You can see all the reaches are organic and some went viral on my page and hit more than 50K because of shares and comments. According to my experience, to get this kind of engagement from paid Facebook ads it needs a lot of money.


Traffic Studio


Traffic Studio


Above snaps are my best performing posts for last month. And you can see the organic reaches and engagements in there.

But what I have noticed is, not all the posts will go as viral. There are some posts which didn’t become successful as a viral content. But whatever became successful bought me good sales and traffic on my store.


Traffic Studio


Above snapshot shows underperforming posts which I posted on my page. You can see organic reach and engagement is very less in there.


Using Traffic Studio for Paid Ads

Before i do traffic studio review I wanted to test viral content with paid Facebook ads. I actually put fuel on the fire and I got fantastic results.

What I did was, select viral videos from traffic studio and create the ad with it. The secret is catching the viral video at the early stage. With this software, you can do it easily.

Below result is from one of my active page post paid ad.  But you can notice even it has a huge organic reach.


Traffic Studio

Traffic Studio


Test Traffic Studio For FREE



Traffic Managment Software.

I haven’t tried much with other social media platforms with Traffic studio.My main focus was facebook.

Many Platforms

According to platforms, trending posts are different to each other. You can select the platform in which you need viral content to be, by the niche that you want by typing keyword by the search bar.


Content Studio


You can find viral content from the whole web or Youtube, Dailymotion, Facebook, Twitter, Flicker, Imgur, Giphy,and Pixabay.

I mostly Used Facebook and Youtube, Imgur content for my page posts.


Sort By

When you select facebook it gives filters to select and you can get the best engagement you need.

Content Studio


You can select above filters and get the most viral post for your page.What I experienced is whenever I filtered with shared and comments giving me better organic reach compare to other filters.


Time Frame

This Is the GOLD in this software. You can catch the viral content at the early stage by this filter. It can even give the post which will be popular even in 24 hours time frame. The software has an amazing filter for it.

Content Studio

Above filter provides most viral content in a selected time frame.I used 24hours and 48hours filter to get the viral contents. They are more effective and I got amazing engagement result from them.


Engagements counter

This software provides the number of engagements and what type is it. For facebook post, it shows the number of reactions, comments, and number of shares. This indicates how powerful the post is.


Engagement graph

Every article has an option to check the graph and analyze the data in each platform. We can easily get an idea of How trending it is and which platform suits the best for the post.

Content Studio



Traffic Studio has a tab for quotes and it provides quotes only. I have used few of them and got better results. I would say that people are more passionate about quotes that give value to their lives and they share with others.

Content Studio


Sharing on social media is just one click on traffic studio. Just select the platform and page then share. If you want to customize the topic you can do it easily. Not only social media, also you can share it on blogs as well.

Content Studio


Many Social Accounts

I really appreciate this software for allowing us to add many social accounts and blogs for the same price. It makes digital marketing extremely convenient


Content Studio



This option makes life very easy. All that you have to do is, select your keyword,  page or your preferred platform. Then Traffic studio will start posting automatically according to the timing that you selected with most powerful Hashtags. This automation will generate more engagements day by day and it’s super easy. Your pages will be filled with viral content with huge engagements.

Content Studio Review



Watch this Traffic Studio review to explore more options.


This will bring to the end of my traffic studio review. I used this software only for e-commerce campaigns. But there are many options that I didn’t use yet. This software is a gold mine for viral site owners and bloggers because it has article spinners as well.

I would say I am very happy with overall performance of this software. So far it saved me a lot of money with high engagements and increased sales.

If you are digital marketer I would recommend you to try the traffic studio and analyze the data. It can bring changes to your campaigns as well!


Test Traffic Studio For Free





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This 07 Black Hat Tips Will Help You To Blast Your bank Account

Online advertising is becoming complected day by day.That because of the high volume of advertisers and unlimited platforms.

Facebook is a very powerful online advertising tool which helps millions of businesses around the world.Because it has more control power and deep analyzation possibilities. Also, Facebook ads are cheaper compared to other online advertising platforms.

But things got changed over the time with Facebook algorithm updates. Now things have become difficult for online advertising.Let’s have a look at some of the challenges advertisers face.


  • Facebook page post does not reach more than 10%of their fan base.And pages are dying.
  • Facebook news feed prioritizes only for friends and family posts. but not page posts.
  • Ad cost has increased.
  • The high volume of information makes content shock.The audience just scrolls down the post on news feed.
  • The high volume of advertisers makes facebook bids more complicated.
  • Need 50 conversions to optimize the ads in 7 days.

Above are not the only reasons which make Facebook advertising more challenging. there are many other factors contribute to Facebook ads. Let’s have a look at how we can win the game in this difficult situation.

Important Note- Be Aware!! This Tips can override Facebook Advertising Guidelines and you can get blocked by Facebook.


#1. Back To Profile

As I explained new facebook algo prioritizes the friends and family posts.BUT, Not page post. So, create the Facebook profile and add the people to your niche.Don’t add people to facebook suggestions.Keep adding people to your niche only.

Ex-Horse lovers (You can find horse lovers by looking at their profile pic)


Gradually you can increase your audience.When you reach 5000 friends your profile it can be a good marketplace and your post can go viral easily by sharing with each other.But you have to make engagements in your profile by liking, sharing and commenting others post.If you don’t engage someone’s post for few days, you will not see him or her updates again in your news feed.Your profile can be powerful online advertising place.It’s completely FREE.

Keep Reading and i will show you how to go make viral posts with your Facebook profile.


#2.I love Groups

Groups are a very powerful online advertising place too.But many of them don’t know how to advertise in groups and they get blocked easily by admins.

There are thousands of groups available for many niches.Look latest  259 Niche list.

Join them and be active by commenting others post and build the trust with others for sometime.when you want to advertise or post something related to your product and let others comment on that and then post your product as a comment saying “found this product.looks great “then post the link.


Look at some WWE Groups and amount of members. Dont you think these are the great places for free traffic.


#3) Be a KIng.

Build your own group related to the page you run and enjoy the marketplace.Also, make sure to add value to members.It might take time to grow your group.But When you start to promote yours in other groups they will join with you fast.When you grow your group you will be the king and it’s your kingdom to sell whatever you want.lol…


#4) Jack the Viral Gold

Every Niche has viral content in all the social media.Jack them and post it on your social media profiles and pages.If you can identify the viral content as early as possible,  you can get a traffic flood.You can use tools to identify any viral content.

Ex-Traffic studio,  Google trends,  Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is an expensive tool compared to traffic studio.With these tools, you can find most shareable posts, videos and repost them on your facebook, twitter, Pinterest accounts and also blogs. Best part Is, it can be set on auto mode so that it will publish the best content automatically with viral hashtags.

Below Snapshot from Traffic Studio.Look at the options and possibility to catch the Viral trends at an early stage.

Above post is the most shareable dog-related post in 24hours in the USA.Below the post image, you can see the amount of Facebook engagements. This software has amazing features that can automate your social media accounts.The software will bring most engaging contents from the internet and post on your facebook, twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, Tumblr, and blogs.(They will ad Instagram soon) Your social accounts will grow automatically with fresh viral contents.It is Powerful Method!


Check Traffic Studio Review 


#5.Visit Neighbors

Go to Big pages in your niche and comment your link there as a product user and revive the product bit.You can make sales and increase your page likes by doing this.But don’t do it by sales pitch as others will recognize you.If you think it difficult for you then you can use a software for it.The software will automatically go to those pages and leave the comment with your link.

#6.Social Signals Are Energy.

The Facebook algorithm identifies posts with high social signals (likes, shares, comments)  and supports them to reach more. When you post something to give some social signals to it, it will grow faster.

Let’s see how you can give artificial signals to your post and reduce facebook advertising cost.

Find latest viral content posts and post them in some of the niche related facebook groups. There are facebook groups who use’ like’ method. it is nothing,  but when you post your link to their groups they will engage with your post by likes and comments.But you have to return the favor by liking their posts as well. All of your posts won’t go viral.Try to find the most viral post and promote it.

Also when you run paid Facebook ads this method can give low CPC.


#7.Group Comments Booster

In groups, you need to boost your post to reach the top of the feed. you must always post something that members can engage.Ask questions, opinions, ideas. etc

Ex-Anybody Knows Facebook advertising black hat methods?


When someone comments your post, make sure you engage with that.You can say thank you, Good idea or you can ask him the question again.

This will help you to do your Facebook advertising in groups.


Look at this football post and engagements

Comment your ideas and suggestions.Also, type any help that you require with marketing.I’m happy to help you.

Don’t forget to share and help others.

“Its all about Give and Take”

Cheers guys!



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How To Estimate the Traffic and Sales-Free Tool

How Many Sales can I Make it from e-com store?


It’s a tough Question to answer without providing your budget figures and audience etc….

I’m sure no one can give you an exact answer.

But Your Question is a good one.You should know what is your marketing strategy and how much sales are you targeting.



But before we start the advertising campaign we can estimate the traffic that we need reach our goal.

Oberlo Provides cool traffic calculator for internet marketers.


Luckily It’s a FREE Tool

I’m not saying this figures will perfectly correct.Its not accurate and its based on assumptions.

But you can set your target and see how many sales you need to make in order to achieve your target.



It’s important for every store owner to understand how website traffic relates to sales.
This tool will tell you how many visitors you need to attract to your store to hit your earnings goal.



These calculations are based on the following assumptions:

  • on average, out of every 100 visitors to your store 2 people will place an order
  • The average order value will be $45
  • your margin is 2x, which means that you must charge customers double the price you pay the supplier
  • on average it costs you $0.35 to attract one visitor to your site

Note: Earnings are calculated by taking your sales and subtracting what you pay to your supplier and what you pay for advertising your store.


Visit Oberlo And Use the  Traffic Calculator




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“Battle”-General Store or Niche Store?

General store or niche store???

This is the question I am getting from every day from newbies.

Everyone confused about general store or niche store? Both are successful and making money. And internet overloaded their mind with tons of information.

Let me explain both types with my experience. But I would give you a technical secret that you can choose what is best for you. Keep reading till the end.

Let me start with explaining what is general store or niche store


General Store

A general store is like little Amazon.

You can segregate few categories and list hundred of products.

Whatever you think going to sell you can list and try advertisement.


General store visitors are not more passionate visitors compare to niche store visitors. They are attracted by ad or product to the general store.

Not passionate audience

• Difficult to make a cross selling

• When you have sales need to segregate the customers for e-mail marketing.

• It’s a free place to test any product.

• Difficult for search engine optimization (SEO) because cannot identify the audience and create back links and articles.

• Can be test large audiences every day.

Niche Store

Niche is product or activity has large audience or community which is passionate about it.

There are hundreds of profitable niches out there.

Check the 259 Niche list

In the niche store, you can find the entire product related to one niche. Not only products blogs, categories, Images, fan pages all of them related to the one niche.

Ex– The NewYork dog shop

  sugar and cotton


Let me show you some points related to niche store

A passionate audience who love to share their experience and buy the products.

• You can do deep market research related to audience pain and pleasure points.

• Easy for cross selling and up selling. Customer will love more products not only one.

• You can test the audience in different angles.Ex-Prices, Age.Demography etc…

• You can sell niche related products only. Otherwise, the customers can confuse about the store.Ex-You cannot sell Cooking items in horse store

• Easy for e mail marketing and-re targeting campaigns. Without a second thought, you can choose the audience because they are related to the niche.


According to all the points that I have explained, can lead you to start niche store.Because it has great advantages and easy to manage. Is it? But I would say it’s NOT A GOOD IDEA.

Here is WHY?

Facebook will be your main marketing tool and it can give you best result when you handle it properly.

I hope you heard about FACEBOOK PIXEL. Facebook Pixel is the brain of Facebook marketing.

Each Facebook account it has a unique Facebook pixel that can generate more sales.

I suggest you read more about Facebook pixel and Install it by using Facebook Business support

When you start a brand new store and Facebook ads, your pixel will be in a baby stage without any data.

That stage’s difficult to get support from Facebook.Basically, you cannot get quality traffic.

To mature the pixel need lots of conversions like view content, add to cart, purchase, Searches etc…


Here Is the important part, Please keep reading before you decide general store or niche store

When you start niche store you cannot get good traffic.

Because you have limited audience. To mature your pixel with the same audience it can take a long time.

And it will cost you lots of money without sales.

In this point, most of the beginners give up the drop shipping.

They start thinking this stuff not working and no one tells them about Facebook Pixel.

If you are a newbie and you have new Facebook pixel,

my suggestion is to start a general store.

Create a general store and start testing the products and you will have more conversions and that can mature your pixel fast.

Do not give up when you don’t get results. Hold on to it and keep testing and get mature the pixel.


I have seen people are more interested in open niche stores around their passion and fails because of a baby pixel. And they created general stores again.

In the General Store, You can make few categories and test your passionate niches as well.

Hope I explained your frequent question and please share it and let other hustlers know and help them as well.

Join Our Facebook Group  Take The Support Of Members!

Happy Selling!



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starting a dropshipping business [Guaranteed Sale]

Starting a Dropshipping Business?

We Guaranteed we can bring your first sale

The first sale in your store is a winning milestone and it can give you the confidence about your e com journey.


If you still struggling for sales on Shopify and cannot make your first sale? That can make things expensive and stressful.

starting a dropshipping businessKeep Spending money on ads without getting results is really painful.

All others make money from Shopify why you can’t?

We are here to support you with the that.Let’s Build your e commerce Foundation.

Here what you get with our package including FREE Services.

  • Design trust worthy web store with uncommon attractive images.
  • Apply most useful apps
  • Product Research and find HOT selling product
  • Product uploads with most ATTRACTIVE Product Description.
  • Design Product Images.
  • Product SEO (Search Engine Optimization).(Worth 100$)
  • Designing Stunning Face Book Page
  • Creating Face book Ads with Videos and Images
  • Laser Targeted Face book Niche audience that can give you sales in future.
  • Face book ads scaling.
  • Most Successful Instagram Shutouts.
  • Branding with Other Social media platforms (Youtube, Blogger, Pinterest etc…


****We GUARANTEED your sales and will guide and support you to get your FIRST sale*****

Here what you get FREE with our package.

  • High-Quality Logo
  • Sales Oriented 1000 words blog post
  • 200$ worth Product research techniques files
  • Digital marketing tips and education


All the above services for  1050$.

Due to request from newbies, we offer you DISCOUNTED Price 480$

We charge you a better price and provide you the great solution.(Dont Ask for more discount)

Please note-Client should bear the all the ad spend

We guaranteed your first sale.


Starting a dropshipping business Required a Niche.

Look for a Niche List and decide the better niche for you

Drop us e mail on  fmozilla@gmail.com for more details

Our Target Is Your Success !!!

Happy Selling!!!



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60 Days Free Shopify Trial,Test What You Can Do

Take the challenge with Calculated Risk or Without Risk? Take 60 Days Free Shopify Trial without paying anything to Shopify.

E-commerce is an industry which is growing rapidly over the few years.

You might be looking for best way to enter the e commerce world and support your family or making extra income for your life.

But This is  the Questions You have As a beginner

How much the Investment?

How much money will I loose?

Can I recover from the Failure?

How Can I get any Help?

We Mostly helping all Shopify drop shippers for above questions, especially Beginners.We helped Hundred of beginners to reach their Goals and we are really happy and proud of our service.

For Beginners, we strongly recommend In this 60 days free Shopify trial or get any trials.

Also If you Have an investment budget I would Suggest Get professional service for design the store and product research.Otherwise, it will cost you more in advertising stage without a single sale and it will frustrate you badly.

How To Use 60 Day Free Shopify trial effectively?

The trial period you are not going to spend money on Shopify Subscription. Also, There are apps and services you can use as free.I strongly recommend taking the Shopify trial and Oberlo App .

Use these Technics when you are on 60 Days Free Shopify Trial

  • Don’t worry go through your logging and test every thing.No Harm at all. Touch All the features in the platform.That’s how you learn the Shopify.
  • Test products as much as possible and gain the knowledge and confidence.
  • Try to find at least one winning product before you move to paid subscription.
  • Try to mature your Facebook pixel by running ads.
  • Also model any successful store and design your store with trust worthy features .(Take our list of tips how to build trust worthy store)
  • Get experience of customer service
  • Learn how to do Deep product research.

Get below free and discounted trials that help you in Shopify.


Get 60 Days Free Shopify Trial

Get 31 Days Free + 15% off for for year

Get 21 Days Free +10% Off

Free Oberlo App

550$ Discounted Professional Shopify Service (Including Product Research)

Shopify Is the place anybody can succeed with hard work and learning.It needs creativity and marketing skills.Keep learning every day.Tons of knowledge waiting for you in the internet space and use them.


Happy Selling!!!




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How To Make First Sale [Product Research Tips]

Why don’t I get my first sale?

Getting first sale is JOY! But Why I cant Find drop shipping business opportunities?

Selling online is all about “Showing the perfect product to the perfect audience”.

Most of the newbies don’t understand what is the perfect product or the perfect audience. Most of them think their favorite product is going to be a HIT. No, it doesn’t happen that way.


What is the perfect Product?

The perfect product is the most useful product to the customer.

Do you think A Golf lover is going to buy a Table tennis equipment worth 110$?

Answer is NO. A Golf lover doesn’t see any usefulness of purchasing table tennis equipment. So why would he spend money on something that won’t give any use?

Below are some psychological factors that are applicable to the customers at the time of purchasing.


  • Can the product solve the problem?

Eg -Gamer who is suffering from back pain due to prolonged sitting hours.

You can try this product that can help to solve his problem.

drop shipping business opportunities


  • Product which can make customer happy or give pleasure

Eg-Product that make a customer happy and make say WOW or saying that I NEED IT. Like Jewelries. Most of the ladies love to follow new trends and it makes them happy.


  • Product that introduce fear or uncertainty.

Ex-Below bracelet is for awareness for Diabetics. Everyone is fear about Diabetics and It reminds the same.

drop shipping business opportunities


What Is the Perfect Audience?

We should show our product to the people who really want it or really like it.

Ex- If you promote Spider man phone cover on Yoga Facebook page. That doesn’t provide the perfect audience for the spider man phone cover. You should look for an audience who loves Spiderman and passionate about Spiderman.

A passionate audience is willing to pay whatever the price if you bring the correct product to them. They are hungry about their passion.


How can I find Perfect Product or Audience?

Do your research about your niche. Look for the better answers on below points

  • What are 5 demographic factors of your clients?
  •  What are 5 psychographic factors of your clients?
  •  Whose opinion do they value the most?
  • What is the core problem that they need to overcome?



I know above list make you crazy but it’s a GOLDEN list that makes you a successful advertiser. But, how to do the research? Use the social media and niche related forums. This research will make you understand about the niche and products. Use the below tools for the research

-Facebook pages

-Facebook groups


Yahoo answers

-Niche related Blogs

Remember- Try to supply what the market need.

“Market will tell you what it needs and you have to provide that same product or service”

Most of the newbies are selecting the product according to their personal opinion and experience. But market won’t respect your opinion or idea in this business. You have to shift that mind set to market mind set.

Try to understand the market and keep testing products.

I will show an example on how to do a product research successfully.

Keep reading…

Product Research Tool

There are many product research tools out there.What those tools can provide data on hot selling products on the internet.  Those tools can save lots of your time and energy.Otherwise, manual work can take hours to identify the hot selling products.

My recommendation goes to Pexda. It’s another great product research tool.It will pull all the hot selling products ,Sales page,Facebook targeting,Geography of sales etc..That will really help for beginners.

Eg- Tennis Trainer


Sales Page-


Facebook target-

Sales Analyzer –


Manual Product Research

This is a random Niche that I’m going to show you. I’m not in the ‘dog’ niche.I just research on qurora regarding dog niche. I found the pain points related to dog lovers.



Let me show you someone who came up with a solution.Solution is providing with warm cloths to the dog as I highlighted in yellow.

drop shipping business opportunities

Now let’s look for some products in Aliexpress that are related to solution.


drop shipping business opportunities


Looks like the product is bringing good sales. It has 5226 orders and 10070 feedback. But let’s look at product reviews

drop shipping business opportunities

Now let’s do more market research about the product. I have to know if it is proven that anybody is interested on this Dog winter Jacket. And what’s the social signal about the product.Lets research on Face Book and Instagram about the product.

drop shipping business opportunities

drop shipping business opportunities

drop shipping business opportunities

Facebook and Instagram proves that this Dog winter jacket has good engagement and those platforms are a better place to promote the product.

Let’s see what google says about the dog winter jacket?

drop shipping business opportunities

Google keyword planner data shows that it has 1300 monthly search volume and it’s a high competition keyword. That means more advertisers advertise the product on google and monthly 1300 people are searching for this product. Also above screen shot proves that this product is a seasonal product. It has high demand on end of the year season.

What about YouTube?

drop shipping business opportunities

YouTube also proves that people have interest regarding the same product. They love to watch product related videos.

I think we found the Perfect product and we understood the product.Next is, where can I find Perfect Audience to promote the product?

Good thing is that I don’t want to do anymore research about the audience. The above product research shows where the passionate audience is hanging around.

We can advertise the product on:-

-Facebook -Run Paid ad campaign on targeting Dogs lovers

-Instagram -Run Influencer marketing ads

-Google -google ads targeting “dogs winter jackets”

-YouTube -make a video and put your store link on description

-Qurora -Answer the questions and provide your link there

-Product SEO –Rank your product page on Google

Above method is proven and is one of the simple methods to me. I have achieved great success around this method. What I do is trying to be creative with advertising and I hope to provide an article on creative tips.

If you are struggling with the first sale why don’t you try this? Also your feedback is always welcome.






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